El Faro | February


"The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe."

-Bob Ross

What a delight to see a super full house of parents, alumni, staff, and community members at our first concert in 4 years! We needed this joy and bright light! Kudos to the band team, students, and staff supporting this incredible and uplifting event!


Ms. Rebecca’s English Humanities Class

In Ms. Rebecca’s English Humanities class, students are working on answering this Essential Question: How can we make informed positive changes in our city?

To bring resources to answer this question, Jessica Boatright, Deputy Director, Department of Neighborhood Development, Boston City Hall visited Ms. Rebecca’s class and gave a presentation on the Affordable Housing Development process in Boston.

This presentation was helpful to the students as they wrote policy proposals on how they can take informed action including advocacy for a relevant audience. In this case, it would be those individuals and families looking to find affordable housing in Boston.

This presentation engendered a dialogue between the MMA students and a key official at City Hall. Hopefully, the students are now aware of how to access the resources that exist in the City to answer their needs and that they will continue to reach out to appropriate officials to answer their questions.


Feminism is For Everyone

The essential question posed by this expedition in Miss Marilu’s 12th grade Spanish Humanities is: Why is it important to contextualize patriarchy, which is one of the existing power structures in society? What the class focused on was the legacy of the feminist movement in its fight to reach social, political and economic equality amongst men and women.

Julia Mejia, Boston City Councilor and Kathy Lebron, The Radical Maestra came and gave two dynamic presentations to the 12th graders. Their presentations revolved around analyzing the major ideas behind the feminist movement and, more importantly, questioning how one goes about deconstructing and dismantling the patriarchal system.

There was great engagement and interaction with the students as these powerful questions were posed.


Visit from Emmy Award Winning Artist

January’s Areyto featured Emmy Award winning recording artist Devin Ferreira.

He performed his uplifting, inspirational, lyrical songs in a “Spoken Word” manner.

Here are some of the themes:

The students welcomed Devin’s performance very enthusiastically.


Chess Club

In the last month, there has been a renewed groundswell of interest and participation in playing Chess all across the school! There are now 36 students and faculty members who are avidly playing chess on a regular basis. The chess culture at school began with Mr. Carlos, Mr. Max and Ms. Madeira playing chess during free times. Recently the Chess Club became official as Art Teacher, Daniel Villafane, formalized the structure. A Chess Tournament is underway and there is keen interest in the play and who the winners will be!