El Faro | January


Outcome of Giving Tuesday 2022

Great news on final outcome of Giving Tuesday Campaign 2022!  Our goal was overachieved. The final amount brought in was for $10,680! Many supporters of MMA come together during the Giving Tuesday campaign every year.  We want to express heartfelt thanks to all who participated this year in support of our students!


Working together with Green City Growers

From Green City Growers:

"We're so happy to have shared this beautiful growing season with the community at Margarita Muniz! This unique green space was home to hands-on learning, with students engaging in topics from nutrition to plant science. Folks prepared garden snacks, carved pumpkins, played garden scavenger hunts, crafted seed tape, and much more! The students' dedication helped produce abundant harvests of crops like kale, radishes, and carrots, so much of which went to support the food security of the greater Boston community!"


I Learn America Project

MMA is one of five schools in Boston that are part of an engaging project that focuses on immigration and the impact that such an experience has on one’s identity. The project supports the teacher and students in exploring, expressing, and sharing connections across personal stories and narratives with the support of powerful immigrant youth leaders and teaching artists. At MMA the group that is working with this project is Ms. Alice’s 11th grade.

There are four phases to the work:  

1. Generating stories,  

2. Writing/revising/publishing stories,  

3. Bringing stories to life through the arts, eg. Poems, murals, songs, dances, etc.  

4. Activating stories with peers, families and communities.

In this expedition, students shared their immigrant experiences with each other in small circles. Through this painful process, they developed empathy which built connections and trust among themselves. They jointly discovered the resilience that they all share. This has empowered them to value these experiences and find hope for themselves and for others. They will now begin to design a mural together made up of individual tiles which defines their identity and shows the intersection of their similar experiences.


Holiday Door Contest

For the 2nd year in a row, the Student Council organized a contest among all the different “crews” to have the most creative and delightful Holiday doors. In a new twist this year, the parent council members are the ones who selected the prize-winning doors. The winning doors were:

1st Place – Ms. Wanda’s crew

2nd place – Ms. Rebecca R’s crew  

3rd Place – Ms. Matty’s Crew.

Prize for 1st prize was food from student-favorite restaurant “El Embajador”. 2nd prize was a pizza party and 3rd prize was a popcorn party. This event fosters all our students’ creativity and the joyful fervor it engenders sends everyone off for the break filled with the Holiday spirit.