El Faro | June


A Vision for Boston Public Schools

Picture of Mayor Wu with two of our students the day of the press conference

Announcing that MMA would become a 7 -12 high school.

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The announcement included the fact that the Margarita Muniz Academy will become a 7 – 12 high school in 2024-2025. Superintendent Skipper’s vision and strategic plan is to support and grow schools that serve all students across our district, focusing on multilingual learners and prioritizing native language instruction. The invitation from Superintendent Skipper and the central office is a testament to the work that the Muniz Academy has done over the years and asks that we continue that work on behalf of the entire City of Boston. We wanted to share this wonderful news with all so we can begin the work together. Thank you for your continued partnership as we build a school community to help students achieve their dreams.


Graduation 2023

This year’s graduation was special in so many ways!

Mayor Wu, School Committee Chair Robinson and Superintendent Skipper, along with Jan our own Board Chair – all lifted up our work and our community. It is a rare event that we have all these powerful women together in one space and in one voice acknowledging one message, Muniz Academy and the power of a dual language education. With that attention, comes our deeper drive for quality and excellence.

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in “raising” our young people who are now

off to the most important part of their journey.


Prom 2023

Prom night was a night to remember. The theme was Masquerade and everyone was dressed to fit into their best dream. The Tirrell Room was beautiful, the girls were dazzling, the boys dashing, the food scrumptious, the music oh so danceable! Everyone enjoyed it. Seniors, perfect way to bring your high school years to a close. Congratulations!