El Faro | November


The leaves are in full bloom as it's their turn to bring color for a little while signaling change ahead.

Unlike the seasonal changes that come and go without our say, the changes we aim to make with our practice and our students only happen with our own intentionality.

As we focus on developing expeditions and rethinking our practice that lifts up language learning and engagement, we are all asked to lean into changing something in our approach to learning.

We're happy to share that MMA is featured in an uplifting article in Commonwealth Magazine which can be read here: commonwealthmagazine.org

We are also excited to announce that we have recently launched our new website! Check it out here: munizacademy.org


Exploring the Haitian Reality

12th Graders in Ms. Marilu's class are studying and debating the political, financial, sociological and environmental events that have shaped Haiti into what it is today.

The students are finding through research how foreign intervention and debt, political instability and natural disasters have stymied the Caribbean country's development.

These discussions are giving the students a better understanding of the turbulence that is taking place in Haiti today.


Why Do Debate

This is what Raydeli, 10th grader says:

Mr. Juan Gomez, Math teacher and Drama Coach is helping the students get ready for the debating season which begins November 18th, In past years the Muniz Academy has brought home many trophies. We trust this year will be no different. Go MMA!!!


Performance by String Trio

On October 13th, groups of Muniz Academy students were treated to the melodious sounds of the Colombian Trio named Tres Palos Y Cuerdas. Boston University, through its School of Music, brought the trio to the school. BU has a partnership with Muniz Academy. The Trio is made up of the three Sabeya brothers, who have been performing together for many years bringing the sounds and the history of these instruments to performance halls across the world.

This musical treat was greatly enjoyed by the Muniz Academy students, some of whom are from Colombia themselves. They listened with rapt attention to the sounds of the Bandola, Tiple and the Guitarra, the three typical Colombian instruments. Muniz Academy was indeed fortunate to be one of the performance sites for this highly talented and skilled group.