El Faro | October


Beautiful Spaces

A beautiful, welcoming environment to attend each day fosters a sense of safety and desire to be there. The physical space of the school reflects and supports the learning environment and the values of the school.

It raises students’ expectations, self-esteem, and connection to others. This often leads to greater focus, engagement, and enjoyment.

Our teachers have created beautiful environments for learning in their classrooms.


The Possible Zone

The Muniz Academy has begun a partnership with The Possible Zone. TPZ’s mission is “to advance economic equity by ensuring young people develop the entrepreneurial spirit, skills and networks to launch successful careers.” They have a vision of a world where young people shape their own futures.

The TPZ Journey for a student involves:

Muniz Academy has twenty-two 10th graders who selected the opportunity of being with TPZ this year. They will attend 4 days a week for 1 and ½ hours a day for the entire school year.


Trip to MFA to view Obama portraits

Students were asked to respond to certain quotes posed by Amy Sherald, the painter of the Michelle Obama Portrait shown above.

To the quote “To be human is to be visible” one student responded:

“I agree with her. The point of being human is to be seen, to express yourself and be who you want to be”—Emelly Mota

Another student said:

“I chose this quote because I feel it has a good meaning. It means to me that being human isn’t about your label, it’s about who you are as a person”—Angelica Durán


Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

We're so excited for our Hispanic Heritage Month Event tomorrow, Friday, October 7th! Talented local performer, Jorge Arce, will be giving a presentation on the development of Afro-Caribbean culture through music.